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Toya Bungkah

Toya Bungkah


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We recommend Toya Bungkah as the better town to stay in, as is has the most facilities, with several small hotels, and a handful of restaurants. In addition, it is closest to the volcano, and the road into town meanders over an unreal landscape of minimally overgrown old lava flows. It still has the feel of a genuine, small Balinese village, just in a spectacular location.

To move on from Toya Bungkah, it is necessary to head back up to the crater rim at Penelokan, and progress to our next destination of Lovina Beach, via Singaraja, from here. This is one of the longer, and slowest parts of the tour, as the road down from the mountain is much steeper when heading to the north coast than on the inward road from the south. This is because the northern coast is only about 10 kilometers away at its closest point.