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Dining near Kintamani, List of Restaurants


Kintamani has choices for dining overlooking the crater magnificent scenery, ranging from “warung” (simple and cheap places) to big fancy restaurant which serves local and international cuisines for personal as well as tour groups. Most of the dining places come in moderate prices, even for the wonderful Lakeside Resto; an international restaurant in the Toya Devasya Resort & Spa complex.

The best place to have lake-side dining is down in Toya Bungkah by the hot springs or up on the rim of the crater in Penelokan. Almost every hotel also has their own restaurant serving variety menus with good taste and service. Most of the lake-side restaurants are fully glass fronted so as not to distract from the view. Apparently, buffet style dining with a selection of traditional Balinese and Western foods is the most popular serving with all you can eat package for approximately 100,000 Rupiah (US $10) each. Anything ordered that is not on the buffet is charged as an extra.

The must-have menu that any visitors to Kintamani shouldn’t miss is local lake fish dishes called mujair. It will be serve fried or grilled, with fried choice would offer crispiness and grilled one offer exquisite taste. Other choices could be nasi goreng (fried rice), prawn crisps as well as other exotic Balinese dishes. For the beverages, try the refreshing tamarillo and orange juices planted by local farmers.

  • Lakeside Resto & Bar, Toya Bungkah

Try ‘dining by the lake’! This is a world class exceptional experience with great cuisine and surrounding landscapes, on a lakeside reflecting mountains and sunsets. It would be such a memorable experience for the romantic and the traveler wanting something a little different. The place is natural, organic and simple, but with a million dollar view of the lake. Simply wonderful. Read more…

Contact: +62.366. 513.94

  • Lakeview Restaurant (part of Lakeview Hotel), Penelokan

Not so many dining places in Kintamani height serve dinner, and the restaurant is one of the few. As its name, nice views of the lake can be enjoyed both from side windows or terrace area. Most cuisines are Balinese buffet with Ayam Panggang Bumbu Bali as the recommended dishes.

Contact: +62.366. 806.52

  • The Batur Garden Restaurant

The restaurant has an interesting menu of Chinese and Indonesian dishes. A western-style bar with selectable drinks is also available. The price comes in friendly and reasonable. Lunch only.

  • Gong Dewata Restaurant, Penelokan

The Cafe-Style Gong Dewata Restaurant offers magnificent views from inside or out on the terrace.

Contact: +62.366. 510.36

  • Gunawan Restaurant

The restaurant is very popular with a great view on the edge of the crater. Served buffet dining with mujair soup that shouldn’t missed.

  • Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant, Penelokan

Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant occupies large building on two floors. The second floor has an open terrace and glassed-in area, whilst downstairs is only glassed-in, from where spectacular views could be seen.

Chinese and Indonesian Cuisine are served in large buffet with moderate price.

Contact: +62.366. 510.73

  • Batur Sari Restaurant, Penelokan

Batur Sari Restaurant has a whole view of Mt.Batur and Lake Batur. A counter seat and a Gazebo seat watching the panoramic view are recommended. The meal is buffet of the Indonesia food with local restaurant atmosphere.

  • Suling Bali Restaurant, Penelokan

Suling Bali Restaurant offers buffet style dining with exquisite fish satay as the specialty.

  • Gunung Sari Restaurant, Penelokan

Gunung Sari Restaurant has split level building, virtually hanging off side of mountain overlooking the lake. Top half of the building; where the buffet is situated, is glassed in, whilst the remainder is an open terrace. Only open for lunch (11.30 am – 4.00 pm), the restaurant serves large and varied buffet, mostly Balinese Cuisine in relatively cheap prices.

Contact: +62.366. 523.65

  • Nyoman Mawa’s Under The Volcano Restaurant

Nyoman Mawa’s Under The Volcano Restaurant serves lake fish dishes with famous home-made sambal matah that is worth to try.

  • Maharaja Restaurant, Toya Bungkah

With large glass windows around, Maharaja Restaurant seats up to 700 persons, serving wonderful lunch buffets daily consisting of various Chinese and Western cuisines like soups, salads, spring Rolls, and grilled satays.

For the beverage, the restaurant serves hot tea and Balinese coffee as well as liquors, beers, and soft drinks.

The large patio of the restaurant offers an open space overlooking the beauty of the volcano and its large crater lake.

  • Surya Hotel and Restaurant, Kedisan.

Surya Hotel and Restaurant serves fresh mujair dishes at a wonderful place to sit and enjoy with friends.

Contact: +62.813.384.597.39